Escalations in the North, Hezbollah

2 Hezbollah operatives killed on Lebanon-Syria border

Syrian and Saudi media reported that two Hezbollah operatives were killed by a missile strike in the al-Kasir area adjacent to the border of Syria and Lebanon. According to the reports, the two were in a civilian truck that when it was hit by a missile.

Vehicle on fire on Syria-Lebanon border

The Saudi TV channel "Al-Hadath" reported this morning (Sunday) that two Hezbollah operatives were killed by a missile strike in the Al-Kasir region of Syria. According to the report, the two dead were in a civilian truck that was hit by a missile.

In the documentation published on social networks, it appears that the truck caught fire following the impact of the missile. Syrian media reported that the missile was fired from a plane in the border area between Syria and Lebanon, which they claimed was an Israeli attack.

As a reminder, last week two attacks were reported in the Damascus area, which according to estimates were directed against targets belonging to Hezbollah and Iran's Quds Force. Among other things, it was reported that Iranian weapons depots were attacked in the Al Bukamal area, as well as other ammunition and weapons depots belonging to the Islamic Republic.


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