Maayan Adam Reveals

Maayan Adam reveals and criticizes the educational system: "I don't have a matriculation"

The media persona Maayan Adam revealed on her Instagram page that she never finished her studies and the high school diplomas, and criticized the educational system "there are a lot of talented and intelligent people that it's missing out on"

Maayan Adam (Photo: Or Gefen)

The media persona and presenter Maayan Adam praised her partner Yuval Zellner on her Instagram page, revealed to her followers that he has 4 degrees and revealed that she does not have a matriculation certificate, and that she did not complete 12 full years of schooling.

Adam continued to talk about the subject of education and noted that the educational system in Israel is not suitable for everyone. "It was not suitable for me. It has one path with a clear and uniform beginning, middle and end, and G-d created me 'not in a groove' and I could not follow the path".

Adam shares that the framework in which she actually managed to stand was in the army, where she found herself and felt she belonged "because there are countless different routes, and I could navigate to where I succeeded". The media persona also shares that she was successful everywhere else: she excelled as a dean in all her years of study at the university, as a speaker in the Knesset and the government, in the media, and in every competition she took part in, where she reached the finals.

"I am successful in business and I have a high sense of ability, I know that I will succeed in life even without a certificate" shares Adam "but I would be happy if I had it".

Adam says that she was happy not to feel bad during all 12 years of her studies in the educational system, but admits that this is probably what spurred her to succeed over the years. "And that's precisely why I have a secret dream for another decade or two, to reach a position that can influence the system, to update it to a version that more people will find themselves succeeding in."

Ma'ayan Adam concluded the text by claiming that the educational system is full of talented and intelligent people, who disappear within it and are missed "but go on to succeed in life".


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