Emotional Ending at the Theater 

Storm at the end of the musical "Kazablan": Ofer Hayoun left the stage in anger

Unusual incident at the Habima Theater: Actor Ofer Hayoun left the stage in anger after his colleague, actor Tal Moseri, delivered a politically charged speech that angered the audience, who shouted at the actors.

(Photo: Or Gefen)

Unusual incident at the musical "Kazablan." During a politically charged speech delivered by actor Tal Moseri, actor Ofer Hayoun left the stage in anger.

Monday evening at the end of the well-known and beloved performance of "Casablan" at the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv, actor Tal Moseri asked the audience to stay in the hall and delivered a brief message from the theater regarding the situation in the country. Yesterday, the "reducing the clause of reasonability" law was passed in its second and third readings. This has been perceived by many protesters as a dark day for Israeli democracy and has led to several violent incidents between demonstrators.

(Photo: Maayan Kaufman)

During his speech, Moseri said, "Just moments before we all step out into the reality outside, we stand here tonight with heavy hearts and mixed emotions. The theater management has decided, despite the extraordinary events, to continue and hold the cultural activities and all the performances as usual this evening. However, we wish to express that we are deeply concerned about the serious situation we have all found ourselves in."

Furthermore, Moseri continued to mention that the theater is distressed "by the absence of dialogue, the gratuitous hatred, the extreme social divide we are experiencing, and the negative atmosphere prevailing between the two opposing sides. We sang now in 'Kazablan' about democracy, while outside the theater hall, there are those who cry out with all their hearts to preserve democratic values while we are torn apart. Especially in this week when we mark the ninth of Av, we must remember that we have no other land, and we are one nation."

During Moseri's speech, shouts were heard from some members of the audience who disliked the involvement of politics in the performance and were angered by the decision to use it as a platform for political messages.

Ofer Hayun, the actor playing Kaza in the play, was also upset by the decision, and in a dramatic move, he tore off the jacket he was wearing and left the stage in anger. He later returned to the stage, but when asked about it, he expressed that the situation was difficult for him, and he could no longer bear to see the tearing and division within the nation. He said that he did not feel comfortable standing in such an embarrassing situation.


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