Ilanit Levi Reveals

The presenter and actress reveals: "I underwent surgery to remove a tumor"

Ilanit Levi posed for a new campaign that will be launched for breast cancer awareness month, and revealed that she was diagnosed with a lump and underwent surgery to remove it: "Go get checked, it saves lives"

(Photo: Shai Yehezkel)

Actress, model, and television host Ilanit Levi reveals that 15 years ago her father passed away from cancer, and since then she has been getting regular check-ups. Levi discloses that a few years ago she was diagnosed with a lump in her breast, and she underwent surgery to remove it.

"I live with the daily fear, and if I used to be indifferent to doctors before, the early detection gave me the push to get checked regularly and not neglect the issue," Levi explains. "Today I know that I carry the breast cancer gene."

Soon the Breast Cancer Awareness Month will begin, and the actress urges and encourages every woman in the country to go for screening: "Each and every one must take the pressing initiative to save herself. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is painted in pink not just randomly; it's an optimistic color. So, we hope that every woman in Israel will schedule an appointment and take the step. If sharing my personal story can motivate a significant number of women to stand up and get screened, as far as I'm concerned, I've done my part."


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