Eyal Golan is Shocked

Eyal Golan is shocked: "We have reached very difficult times"

Eyal Golan expressed shock at the disruptions during the Yom Kippur prayer in Tel Aviv and said, "If we can't pray the way we want, then what's left?"

(Photo: Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90)

Singer Eyal Golan addressed last night during his performance the disruptions that occurred during the Yom Kippur prayer at Dizengoff Square by left-wing protesters and criticized the protesters.

"We are in very difficult times," said Golan. "I think the only thing that can overcome this is unconditional love. Only unconditional love, my friends."

Golan referred to a sign that had been posted on the internet, which read "Enough with the Kiddush (sanctification)," and he said, "Today I see a post from someone strange who writes 'Enough with the Kiddush.' What is this thing, tell me? What is this nonsense?"

Golan continued and said, "If we didn't have our values and didn't put on tefillin in the morning, then what would have become of us, tell me? If we can't pray the way we want, then what's left?"

In conclusion, Golan said, "Love one another. That's the only way we will prevail. Because if not, then our time is wasted."


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