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Real Looker: Hot Trends of Glasses in 2024

You wear glasses and plan to buy a new pair soon? These are the leading trends in eyeglasses that will conquer the streets in the coming year.

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The year 2024 has arrived and with it the hot trends in the field of glasses for the coming year. So if you are planning to upgrade your pair of glasses soon and want to stay in fashion, Shelley Hanan, director of imports at Optica Halperin, was present at many exhibitions around the world and came back to report which hot trends will conquer the year 2024.

Large frames and bold shapes

The large frames and special shapes give a slightly bolder look than we know. Each frame has its own character, for example, cat-shaped glasses with sharp angles will exude charm and elegance, while square frames with sharp edges and finishes will give a sharp look with presence. On the other hand, round frames will provide a playful and sophisticated look. Large eyeglass frames give boldness and stand out, making any look more interesting.

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Colors and patterns

In the coming year, the world of optics will experience a refresh with a huge variety of eyeglass frames in red, blue and neon green shades, alongside frames with special patterns and prints. Glasses frames that combine shady or sharp patterns, bring a fresh, different and special look to the face. They have a different statement, they give character, and it is impossible not to notice such glasses.

CLIP-ON glasses

"Clip-on" glasses are glasses that combine beauty and comfort: you can wear the sunglasses on the glasses smoothly without special connections, but with a magnet, so it is convenient, light and solves the problem of combining glasses with sunglasses. The attachment of the magnet allows a smooth transition from clear lenses to sunglasses without the need to change the frame, thus protecting the eyes from the sun's rays while maintaining optimal vision.

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The return of retro

As in any field of fashion, there is always a jump to the past and the retro worlds, and this is not overlooked by the field of sunglasses. In the coming year, you can expect a renewal of retro fashion with a modern touch, whether it's the frames designed inspired by the 70s, the aviators from the 80s, and the rectangular eyeglass frames inspired by the 90s.


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