The 2024 State Budget
Prepare Your Wallet: The Treasury's New Decrees for 2024

Additional taxation on fuel and natural gas, which will also impact electricity prices, increased taxation on tobacco products and cigarettes, and a substantial cut in the medication basket - All are part of the Treasury's efforts to cope with the costs of the war.

Yehuda Klein, JFeed Staff | 10.01.24

2024 Tech,  MKBHD

"2024 Tech I'm Ready For!": MKBHD's Tech Anticipation

Renowned tech influencer Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, in his latest YouTube video, "2024 Tech I'm Ready For!" In this brief yet insightful presentation, MKBHD shares his excitement and insights about the upcoming tech expected in 2024.

Abraham Gutman | 04.01.24

Glasses Trends

Real Looker: Hot Trends of Glasses in 2024

You wear glasses and plan to buy a new pair soon? These are the leading trends in eyeglasses that will conquer the streets in the coming year.

| Rinat Kramer Jablinowitz, JFeed Staff | 01.01.24