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AP: Netflix Registers Continued Subscriber Growth in Fourth Quarter of 2023

The streaming giant has now registered three consecutive quarters of subscription growth, driven by low cost plans containing advertisements and crackdowns of multiple use of subscriptions.

More people are chilling on Netflix. (Photo: MAXSHOT.PL/Shutterstock)

Netflix has now increased its subscriber base for the third quarter in a row, leaving it with over 260 million global subscribers at the end of 2023, according to the Associated Press.

Per the AP's report, this increase, which was substantially more impressive than the increase shown in 2022, comes largely thanks to a combination of low cost subscriptions which include ads during viewing, some price hikes combined with better offerings, and a crackdown on the multiple use of individual subscription accounts.

In addition to trying to offer new shows like professional wrestling, Netflix indicated it's eyeing Netflix's potential growth as a place for playing video games, as well, though this part of the platform is expected to remain small for the time being.


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