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"What's good for Europe is good for us": Israeli toiletries reform passes first vote

The reform, advanced by the Health Ministry, would allow any toiletries approved for sale in the EU to be sold in Israel without an additional license from the ministry.

Toiletries. Illustration. (Photo: AtlasStudio/Shutterstock)

The Health Ministry announced today (Monday) that its law proposal amending the regulation of toiletries sales in Israel passed the first vote in the Knesset plenum.

The law, based on the slogan "What's good for Europe is good for us," is meant to help reduce the cost of toiletries in Israel by allowing any toiletries legally sold in the European Union and following their regulations to be sold in Israel - without need for an additional ministry certification or license, as is the situation today.

Health Minister Buso said that "the toiletries reform will bring significant tidings to the citizens of Israel, make more imports easier, increase competition and lead to a drop in prices, while maintaining the safety of toiletries marketed in Israel."


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Israel to start selling medicines outside of Pharmacies

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Knesset Health Committee passes law enabling medical information to move with the patient

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Update: Young Israeli man dies after contracting 'brain-eating amoeba'

He was hospitalized with severe symptoms and later diagnosed with 'brain eating amoeba.'

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25 year old Israeli in critical condition after swimming in Kineret 

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Tragic loss: Baby dies from whooping cough after mother rejects vaccine

The Health Ministry publishes children's vaccination info: ultra-Orthodox strongholds have the lowest vaccination rate.

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2 dead as West Nile Virus continues to spread

The fever has now proven fatal with cases rising and a sharp increase in infections since last year, i24 reports. 

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West Nile virus update, hospitalizations increase

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