Carrefour's Rice - Urgent Recall

Urgent recall for the popular rice: "heavy metal in the product"

Following the presence of a higher than permitted level of the heavy metal cadmium in the product, 'Carrefour' announces a recall and collects the product "Round White Rice"

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'Carrefour' announces a recall and is collecting the product "Round White Rice" (for desserts), following a notification from the product manufacturer in France, stating that a higher-than-permitted level of the heavy metal cadmium was found in the product.

Product name: "Round white rice" (for desserts) 500 gram package, bar code 3560071017422 Round rice special dessert Riz rond spécial dessert.

Expiry date 10.5.23. Production batch 313011.

Expiry date 11.5.23. Production batch 313111.

Expiry date 15.5.23. Production batch 313511.

Expiry date 11.5.23. Production batch 313121.

The company stated that consumers who have the product in their possession are asked not to consume it. The rest of the products are safe to use.

(Ministry of Health)

Furthermore, it was stated that "all Carrefour products undergo a rigorous series of tests throughout the supply chain process to ensure their quality from all aspects. Carrefour operates in coordination with the Food Service in the Ministry of Health, Central District, and is collecting the product from the market. Customers should contact the customer service at the phone numbers 1700-557755 or 073-2458375 for information and reimbursement vouchers."


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