Israel-Gaza War, Agriculture

Agricultural Ministry tries to encourage mechanization to deal with worker shortfall 

In addition to working on bringing in workers to replace those who left after October 7, the government is recommending new efficiency measures.

Foreign workers in Israeli fields. (Photo: Moshe Shai/Flash90)

The departure of tens of thousands of foreign workers from Israel since October 7 has left local agriculture in a bind. In addition to working to bring in replacement workers from other countries, the Agricultural Ministry has issued recommendations for improving and maintaining mechanization of agricultural work.

The recommendations include suggestions for tractor maintenance, recommendations for machines for better sifting of vegetables, and a new type of insecticide sprayer for vineyards.

In addition to approving another 10,000 foreign workers to replace those who left, the Agricultural Ministry has also approved the issuing of 2,000 permits for hiring foreign workers, so farmers can expand their fields and not just remain constrained to their existing acreage.

The government has struggled to fill the gap left by foreign workers in agriculture, construction, and caretaking who either left the country or are barred from it due to being Palestinian and considered a security threat. The Foreign Ministry has been negotiating with multiple countries, including India, to try and fill in the gaps.


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Health, West Nile fever, virus, Israel

Ministry of Health: So far, 31 infected with West Nile fever have died

According to the Ministry of Health, 31 people infected with West Nile fever have died. Approximately 80% of those infected do not develop symptoms of West Nile fever.

Eliana Fleming | 14.07.24

Food, Hamas, Israel-Gaza War

A Plate of Memories: Honoring October 7 victims through cherished recipes 

Asif's 'A Place At The Table' Project captures intimate stories of loss and love.      

Gila Isaacson | 11.07.24

Jewish History, India

700 Year old tombstone with Hebrew inscriptions discovered in India

According to The Week's report on Friday, the tombstone was discovered on a coconut plantation in the city of Ramanathapuram, located in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India and dates back to the 13th century.

Eliana Fleming | 07.07.24

Chocolate, Food

It's International Chocolate Day: 10 things you didn't know about this delectable delight

Today, July 7th, is International Chocolate Day, and we're unwrapping some surprising facts about everyone's favorite treat.

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Hamas, October 7, Israel Air Force (IAF)

Where was the Israeli Airforce during Hamas' October 7 assault?

Although our IAF helicopter squadrons were actively engaged, their efforts proved insufficient to prevent the devastating assault.

Gila Isaacson | 30.06.24

Agricultural Workers, Israel-Gaza War

After a long hiatus, these workers are heading back to Israel

Following an eight-month break, this country's labor ministry stated it would send more than 10,000 workers to Israel by year's end.

Avi Nachmani | 25.06.24

Politics, October 7

Gantz files proposal for State Commission of Inquiry for October 7

Minister and war cabinet member Benny Gantz said he believes the commission would "send an important and unifying message to the Israeli public."

Liran Vainshtain, JFeed Staff | 26.05.24

Agricultural Ministry

Agricultural Ministry now includes food security in job description

According to ministry director-general Lavi, the ministry will be working on a 25-year plan to ensure the country's food security.

JFeed Staff | 18.03.24

Israel-Gaza War, India

Israel holds official funeral for Indian foreign worker killed in Hezbollah attack

The worker, Pat Nibin Maxwell, was killed by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile fired towards Margaliyot. The missile also killed another two workers.

Avi Woolf | 07.03.24

Israel-Gaza War, Northern Front

Foreign workers evacuated from northern border after lethal attack

After an Indian foreign worker was killed by a Hezbollah anti-tank missile, the Population and Immigration Authority ordered the evacuation of remaining foreign workers to safety.

Avi Woolf | 06.03.24

Tragedy in India

"He just wanted a selfie;" tourist eaten alive by lion after scaling enclosure

A 34-year-old tourist who came to the zoo in northern India was killed by a lion after entering the enclosure where the king of beasts was staying. 

JFeed Staff | 18.02.24

Warning to Israelis in India

National Security Council Issued a Warning to Israelis in India

Following a bomb explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, India and fearing that it was an attempted attack, the National Security Council issued a warning to Israelis staying in India and New Delhi in particular.

JFeed Staff | 27.12.23