War in the North

Next on Hezbollah's hit list: Smartphones

In a speech he gave last week, Nasrallah ordered the residents of southern Lebanon to abandon their smartphones and internet cameras since, according to him, Israel uses them to identify the organization's operatives.

Illustration (Shutterstock)

Following last week's speech by Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, about the inherent dangers of mobile phones and web cameras, through which, according to him, Israel can discover the operatives of the organization and attack them, Hezbollah started a campaign against its new enemy - smartphones.

Nasrallah called on residents of South Lebanon to abandon their phones due to their "Islamic duty." "Israel does not need to plant agents on the roads," he pointed out. "There are cameras that are connected to the Internet and Israel sees everything," Nasrallah warned, and said that if they take the threat lightly, more deaths will follow.

The total number Hezbollah terrorists eliminated by the IDF since the beginning of Operation Swords of Iron according to the group's reports is 205, while Israeli estimates are higher.


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