Israel-Gaza War

Watch: IDF continues routing Hamas from Khan Yunis

The IDF located ammunition depots and explosives that were subsequently destroyed in the city. At the same time, the combat team of the 7th Brigade deepened its attacks in the area, eliminating dozens of terrorists.

Fighting in Khan Yunis (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The IDF announced today (Saturday) that its paratrooper brigade continues to raid numerous terrorist targets in western Khan Yunis. The brigade continues destroying enemy infrastructures by directing fire from the air and using precise attacks to eliminate terrorists through sniper ambushes and short-range encounters.

During a raid by the paratrooper brigade's combat team in the area, soldiers located a weapons warehouse containing hundreds of cartridges, explosives, grenades, mines, explosive charges, rockets, combat equipment, helmets, vests, and means of communication were discovered in the area.

In another location, IDF forces identified terrorists using a drone and directed tank shells and fire from the air before eliminating the squad.

The 7th Brigade Combat Team continues intense fighting in western Khan Yunis, deepening the attacks in the area. The brigade raided dozens of terrorist infrastructures, eliminating dozens of terrorists with the help of tank fire, drones, and close range snipers. As part of the raids on terrorist targets, the IDF raided the house of a Hamas senior intelligence officer, and located an underground tunnel, and nearby weapons cache.

In another raid on a number of buildings that Hamas had converted into a fighting compound, soldiers located mortar bombs and cartridges in UNRWA-labeled bags. Also, Kalashnikov rifles, bullets, grenades, explosives, drones, RPG launchers, spray grenades, and means of communication were located and confiscated. During the search, soldiers identified eight terrorists approaching them and eliminated the squad using a precision missile.


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