Most of the intended damage was spared: New details on Israeli counter-strike

The New York Times reported that Israel changed its plans at the last minute in order to avoid causing an escalation with Hezbollah.

Fighter jet (Photo: Ofer Zidon/Flash90)

According to a New York Times report, Israel gave up on a large-scale attack and destroyed one of its own missile to avoid causing too much damage to Iran.

According to Israeli officials and two senior Western officials briefed on the details of the attack, it was also reported that instead of sending fighter jets into Iran's airspace, Israel launched a small number of missiles from aircraft stationed hundreds of kilometers west of the country. Small drones were also launched with the purpose of confusing Iranian air defenses.

One of the missiles hit an anti-aircraft battery, while another exploded in the air. An Israeli official said the Air Force deliberately destroyed the second missile to "avoid causing too much damage" after the first one reached its destination.

"Operation canceled for fear of escalation on the part of Hezbollah"

According to sources, Israel was prepared for a major retaliation, but did not implement its plan. Reportedly, the turning point was a conversation between Biden and Netanyahu in which Netanyahu opposed an immediate counter-strike. The initial attack was planned for Monday, two days after the Iranian attack, but was canceled for fear of a Hezbollah escalation.

Officials also told the New York Times that Israel leadership first discussed bombing a number of military targets throughout Iran, including near Tehran, last week. In the end, after pressure exerted by President Biden and the visit of foreign ministers from Germany and Great Britain, Israel chose a limited attack that reduced the chances of an immediate escalation.

Finally, the sources stated that in their view the attack showed Iran the breadth and sophistication of the Israeli military arsenal.


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