Donald Trump

Trump against Netanyahu: "He was rightly criticized"

Former US President Donald Trump attacked Prime Minister Netanyahu and accused him of responsibility for the October 7 massacre. He also said that he does not rule out the possibility of withholding military aid from Israel in order to pressure it to end the war in Gaza.

Donald Trump and Binyamin Netanyahu (Photo: Avi Ohayoun, Government Press Office, Archive)

Former US President Donald Trump harshly attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an interview published today (Tuesday) in the American "Time" magazine. Trump accused Netanyahu of responsibility for the October 7 massacre, pointing out that, "it happened on his watch, he should have prevented It." "He was rightfully criticized for what happened that day, it shouldn't have happened. Everything was there to stop it - many people knew about it, but Israel didn't," added the former President.

Trump added that Netanyahu decided at the last minute to withdraw from the Israeli-American operation to kill Revolutionary Guard commander Qasem Soleiman, leaving the US to carry out the attack on its own. "I had a bad experience with Netanyahu," he claimed. "It's something I've never forgotten. Today there are very good people in Israel who can replace [him] in his position."

Trump also expressed criticism of Israel's conduct in the war against Hamas, and called on Netanyahu to "get it over with." When asked about American pressure on Israel, Trump did not rule out the possibility that he would withhold military aid in order to pressure Israel to end the war in Gaza.

Despite this, the former President claimed that he would support Israel in the event of a direct confrontation with Iran: "If they attack Israel - then yes, we will be there." He also said that the possibility of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel is no longer a possibility: "There was a time when I thought that two states could work, but now I think that a two-state solution may be very problematic..," Trump was quoted as saying.


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