Ayatollah Khamenei: "American protests are proof we're right"

Iran's Supreme Leader celebrated the violent, antisemitic demonstrations across the US, calling them "proof of the righteousness of our way in the fight against Zionism."

Demonstration by Iranian militias (Photo: Shutterstock)

Iran's Supreme Leader voiced his satisfaction with the antisemitic demonstrations that have swept American college campuses in a statement to the media yesterday evening (Wednesday), describing them as "proof of the righteousness of our path against the Zionists."

Ali Khamenei issued a special message to the media praising the violent protests and accusing the US administration of trying to silence them: "Look at the attitude of the US to the verbal resistance of students. This is proof of their complicity with the Zionist crime," he wrote.

In addition, Khamenei alleged that the Americans are, "trying to hide the Palestinian point of view from the eyes of the public and continue their support for the criminal Zionists."


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