Hostage Crisis

Negotiations about to collapse: CIA head makes his way to Qatar

CIA Director William Burns will soon take an emergency flight directly to Doha after Hamas announced that they would leave the negotiations in Egypt and return Qatar.

Joe Biden (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Reuters is reporting that the head of the CIA is headed for an emergency meeting in Qatar with hostage negotiations between Israel and Hamas are rapidly collapsing.

The head of the CIA, William Burns, is expected to take an emergency flight directly to Doha in the coming hours in order to prevent a total breakdown of talks. The reports come after senior officials of the terrorist organization announced that all negotiations have come to an end, and that the negotiating team will leave Egypt and return directly to Qatar. This comes after the terrorist organization continued to demand a complete halt to the war in Gaza with international guarantees.

According to reports, Burns is expected to fly to Qatar, where he will meet with senior Qatari authorities in order to maintain a chance of continuing negotiations for a hostage deal in exchange for an Israeli ceasefire.


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