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Not only in Gaza: Biden "sidestepping" Israel with Hezbollah as well

The Saudi political commentator Marwan Aladdin reveals that the US gave France the authority to negotiate with Hezbollah without alerting Israel.

Hassan Nasrallah (Photo: Mohammad Kassir/Shutterstock)

The Saudi political commentator Marwan Aladdin reported today (Tuesday) on the start of the IDF operation in Rafah and revealed that France is negotiating a ceasefire with Hezbollah without Israel's knowledge.

According to the report on the 'Maariv' website, in an interview with the Saudi Al-Hadath channel, Aladdin said: "What France is trying to do is formulate a draft agreement that will be ready to become an official agreement when a cease-fire is reached in Gaza. This is what it aims for. To fill or end the vacuum now until the conditions are ripe. To a certain extent, the US is giving France the green light to fulfill this task, but as soon as these conditions are met, the agreement will be drawn up between the US, Iran and Hezbollah."

Aladdin explained that, "What France is doing is filling the vacuum and trying to reach some sort of draft. As we mentioned, Hezbollah's problem is that it put itself in the bottleneck and is unable to get out of it when it tied its campaign in this war to a cease-fire in Gaza."

Aladdin added: "Any withdrawal by Hezbollah now will be considered a betrayal of the people of Gaza and Hezbollah is paying a heavy price for this decision, as Gallant stated a few days ago regarding the elimination of 50% of Hezbollah's field commanders so far. The campaign continues and the people of southern Lebanon are suffering heavy losses. However, Hezbollah has complicated itself and Lebanon in this matter which is costing us dearly. The problem is a timing problem and nothing else."


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