Royal Bamboozle? 

Kate Middleton or her double? The video that's rattled social media

After a paparazzi video in which the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, was seen for the first time in weeks, conspiracies abound regarding its authenticity and Kate's real condition.

Kate Middleton (Photo: Shutterstock | B. Lenoir)

After Kensington Palace published an official photo of the princess and her children, and was forced to admit to editing it, the rumor mill and conspiracies surrounding the princess's health are ramping up and stirring the world.

Since January 16, Kate has disappeared from the public eye. An official announcement from the palace stated that she underwent surgery on her stomach and is entering a prolonged recovery period until Easter.

On Monday, a video was published in which Kate is seen last weekend walking next to her husband not far from their home in Windsor, healthy and smiling during a shopping trip. The video was only able to calm down the rumors surrounding her situation for a short time when various theories began to claim that the documentation was fake and planned in advance for PR purposes.

It's not Kate - it's a double!

Some surfers claimed that the one standing next to William is not Kate but a double named Heidi Agan. Others said that the video originated in December since Christmas decorations can be seen flickering in the background.

The one who added the most fuel to the fire was American TV host Andy Cohen, who tweeted a response to the video on his Twitter account: "It's not Kate" and gave free rein to his speculations. "They just had to pay Steven Spielberg to fake a video of Kate," one user wrote.

In the British "Mirror" the question of the double, Agan, was brought up. Agan, herself, denied the claims: "Obviously there was speculation as to whether it was William and Kate in the photos and videos," she said, "My social media went crazy because people think it's me, but I know it's not."

Meanwhile, the Kate mystery seems to be alive and well. The affair of the Duchess of Cambridge joins the multitude of stories that the oldest royal house in the world manages to produce for the pleasure of the onlookers.


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