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Hello... it's me: Adele returns to Europe for Summer 2024 Concerts

Just how much does a package including flights, accommodation, and tickets cost?

Adele (Photo: Shutterstock / DFree)

After the Coldplay craze, Adele is set to perform 10 shows in a Munich stadium built specifically for the event.

Israeli fans flooded the stadiums where Coldplay performed. Estimates suggest that over 20,000 Israelis have already flown to various European destinations to see the beloved band, and thousands more are expected to fly in the next month and a half to Italy, Germany, Austria, and Ireland for the band's final European shows before they head to Australia to continue their tour.

Alongside Coldplay, another singer particularly loved by Israelis—Adele—is set to arrive in Europe for the first time in two years (the last time was in Hyde Park, London). The singer mostly performs in Las Vegas, USA, making her visit to Munich—where she will hold 10 consecutive shows—especially exciting for fans in Europe and, of course, Israel. 800,000 fans will get to see her live in the pop-up stadium built specifically for these shows. The first show will be on August 2 and the last on August 31.

So how much will a package including a direct flight, 3-4 star hotel accommodation, and concert tickets cost?

On the "Tikitik" website, for example, you'll pay from €1,350 for the experience (a package including a round-trip flight with El Al will be more expensive). If you want to combine two concerts in one trip—Adele and Coldplay—you'll pay €1,955 for the flight, accommodation, and two concerts. "Despite the situation, many Israelis want to take a short trip that combines a worthwhile concert abroad," said Gabriel Mizrahi, CEO of "Tikitik."

Adele's shows at the unique Munich stadium will take place on August 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 16, 23, 24, 30, and 31.

* Walla contributed to this article.


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