Yoav Gallant, Hezbollah

Gallant: Hezbollah can't replace all the terrorists we have killed

Defense Minister Gallant held a situational assessment in the North and emphasized that the IDF plans to increase the intensity of fighting against Hezbollah.

Yoav Gallant at Southern Command (Photo: Ariel Harmoni, Ministry of Defense)

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant held a situational assessment today (Sunday) of Hezbollah's repeated provocations and possible responses by the IDF at the Southern Command and noted that the IDF plans to increase the intensity of fighting in the North.

Gallant also noted that the terrorist organization organization is uncapable of replacing all the commanders eliminated from within its ranks. He said the IDF would continue its operating in Lebanon, "until the full withdrawal of Hezbollah and the return of the residents of northern Israel."

The Defense Minister received an overview from the command's intelligence and operations officers on the latest developments, operational plans, and efforts to push back Hezbollah forces from the border, denying it the possibility to hit Israel.

He also emphasized the importance of accumulating tactical achievements and exacting an ever-increasing price from Hezbollah until an operational achievement is reached that will change the security situation on the border.

According to Gallant, "I arrived at the Northern Command after a weekend of trees in which the IDF attacked and hit Hezbollah. I came to examine how we increase our firepower and are ready to act against Hezbollah everywhere, with ever-increasing intensity.'

"We are hitting their forces and they are looking for replacements. I can tell you that I don't see any volunteers. Everyone is afraid. We will continue to strike them down."

Regarding an expected breakthrough in hostage negotiations with Hamas, Gallant said: "If there is anyone here who thinks that when we reach a deal and temporarily cease fighting, we will ease up the pressure on Hamas, they are wrong. We will continue fighting until we have accomplished our goals in the war."

According to the minister, "the goal (on the northern front) is simple - to push Hezbollah to where it should be. Either by agreement or force."


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Israelis excited by successful operation, but is this more of the same old conception we've become accustomed to? 

It is sad to see how much our military leaders have influenced our way of thinking and expectations for our country.

Chani Edri, JFeed Staff | 14.04.24