Likud, Benny Gantz

Likud MKs attack Gantz: "Trojan horse" 

After Gantz took off for a political trip to the US without the Prime Minister's coordination and approval, Likud members launched a frontal attack: "His partnership in the government has come to an end."

Benny Gantz (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Against the background of Minister Benny Gantz's trip to the United States, during which he will meet senior leaders of the American administration including Vice President Kamala Harris, Likud members launched a sharp attack against him this morning (Sunday), after it became clear that the trip was not approved by the government.

MK Nissim Vaturi claimed that Gantz is harming Israel's security interests: "Gantz's position in the government has come to its end," he said. "Whoever increases the external pressure to surrender to Hamas harms the effort to restore Israel's security."

Minister of Regional Cooperation MK Dudi Amsalem also attacked Gantz with an unusually harsh statement. "Mr. Gantz, your entry into the government was supposed to create unity in a state of emergency and - not serve as a Trojan horse. Your trip this morning to the United States is in complete violation of the government's regulations (you are the one who always cries that agreements are violated). The Americans probably see you as the address to lead the creation of a Palestinian state and the cessation of fighting in Gaza. To remind you, you entered the emergency government to create a consensus during the war - not prevent the IDF from winning and create an opportunity for a Palestinian state that will eliminate the State of Israel."

MK Osher Shekalim listed the number of times that, according to him, the chairman of the State Camp has acted against the best wishes of the government. "Gantz sabotaged the impeachment of Khatib Yassin and terrorist supporter Ofer Cassif. Gantz, as a member of the government, voted against the budget. Gantz, as a member of the government, rarely attends government meetings. Gantz criticizes and attacks the Head of State, hurting the united war effort. Contrary to regulations and instructions, Gantz flew to the US to promote his political interests. Israel needs true unity. Gantz is a tireless subversive."


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