Bentzi Rubin

The Emergency Government is On the Way

A statement published by the Likud Party stated that Prime Minister Netanyahu invited State Camp party chairman Benny Gantz for meeting to agree on parameters allowing for the formation of a national emergency government.

Bentzi Rubin | 11.10.23

'The Truth Comes Out' 

The truth has been revealed: the religious voter must remember the shameful response of Gantz and Lapid.

"The responses of Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid to the difficult events on Yom Kippur constitute a slap in the face to the national-religious public, and it is important that they do not forget this the next time the two pursue the religious Zionist vote."

Bentzi Rubin | 26.09.23


The historic peace may bring an end to Netanyahu's rule

Binyamin Netanyahu took a huge step this week to promote his political vision against Saudi Arabia, but it is possible that what may be the most significant achievement in his career, is the one that will lead to the end of his rule

Bentzi Rubin | 22.09.23

The Central Obstacle

Black September: What is Netanyahu so afraid of?

When significant decisions in the Supreme Court and contacts for peace with Saudi Arabia are on the horizon, Prime Minister Netanyahu may have realized that judicial reform has become the central obstacle of his tenure

Bentzi Rubin | 08.09.23

Lapid's say

Lapid: "It is impossible to reach agreements with this government"

Despite the negotiations between the coalition and the opposition on a compromise regarding the legal reform, Yair Lapid announced their collapse: "It is impossible to reach an agreement with this government. We made every effort, but we had conditions - up and foremost to preserve Israeli democracy"

Bentzi Rubin | 24.07.23

Measure of Reasonablesness - Negotiations

Smotrich pushes for a compromise, Ben Gvir and Levin refuse

While voting on the law to reduce the measure of reasonableness, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich is trying to lead a compromise. On the other hand, Yariv Levin and Itamar Ben Gabir refuse

Bentzi Rubin | 24.07.23

Measure of reasonableness - moment of truth

The moment of truth: The Knesset votes on reduction of the measure of reasonableness

After 26 hours of discussions, the Knesset plenum votes to approve the law to reduce the measure of reasonableness in the second and third reading.

Bentzi Rubin | 24.07.23

A compromise?

Herzog: "We are in a national emergency, this is the time for responsibility"

Beside the talks for a compromise, the president of the country, Yitzhak Herzog, called to politicians that "the citizens of Israel are thirsty for hope and expect responsibility and leadership. I call to act with courage, and achieve an understanding."

Bentzi Rubin | 24.07.23

After the decision

After the decision to run: when will Barbiei resign from the Knesset?!

After the decision to run for mayor of Tel Aviv, former minister Orna Barbiei will resign from membership in the Knesset only at the end of the summer conference, in about five weeks

Bentzi Rubin | 24.07.23

A surprising survey

Poll: Who is leading in the Likud leadership race after Idan Netanyahu?

"Meluchadim News" magazine asked the party's supporters to rate the Likud members on the question of suitability for the leadership of the party in the post-Netanyahu era, and also to rate the Likud's top ten. These are the results

| Bentzi Rubin | 22.06.23