Israel Under Attack

Netanyahu's 4-word reply to Iranian attack

After a successful night of thwarting the Iranian attack on Israeli soil, Prime Minister Netanyahu had a four-word response: "We intercepted. We stopped. Together we will win." 

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu holds a press conference at the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv on February 29, 2024. (Photo: Nimrod Klikman/POOL)

"We intercepted. We stopped the rockets. Together we will win." In four words, Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to the thwarting of the Iranian attack last night. It's interesting to note that Netanyahu stopped short of saying that Israel would "respond" or how that would happen as he has after previous attacks.

Iran fired about 300 projectiles at the State of Israel. These consisted of approximately 100 surface-to-surface missiles, about 30 cruise missiles, and about 170 UAVs.

All the drones and cruise missiles were shot down outside the country's borders. At around 2:45 am Israel time a huge barrage of ballistic missiles was fired, the vast majority of which were intercepted. A small portion fell in Israeli territory, causing limited damage.


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