Report: This is how Israel will respond to an Iranian attack

The Saudi "Alif" website reported that if Iran chooses to attack Israeli targets in response to the killing of a Quds Force commander in Syria, Israel will attack targets deep inside Iran. According to the report, in recent days Israel has been practicing attacking websites related to the nuclear project.

Netanyahu and Khamenei (Photo: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90/Shutterstock)

Against the backdrop of tensions with Iran and Israel's preparations for a possible Iranian "revenge" attack for the killing of a Quds Force commander in Syria last week, a Western security source told the Saudi "Alif" website this morning (Tuesday) that if Iran chooses to attack Israeli targets, Israel will respond by targeting sites deep inside Iranian territory.

According to the report, in recent days Israel has been conducting extensive training of its fighter pilots, practicing attacks on sensitive sites in Iran. According to the source, the training is intended to "prepare for any possible future scenario," including maneuvers and damaging facilities related to the Iranian nuclear project. However, at this stage there is no verification of the report from other media sources.

As you may recall, an air strike against the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, in which seven Iranian officers were killed - among them Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who served as the commander of the Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria, was carried out last week.

Following the attack, senior Iranian government officials accused Israel of the attack and threatened to respond to the assassination. It was reported that Iran plans to hit dozens of sensitive targets in Israel using ballistic missiles and suicide drones.


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