Israeli-Gaza War, Hamas, Hostages

Hamas has orders to kill Israeli hostages upon IDF approach

How the rescue mission may have further endangered the remaining hostages.

Palestinian militants take part in an anti-Israel military show in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, on February 17, 2020. (Photo: Shutterstock/Abed Rahim Khatib)

Israeli officials have told the New York Times that Hamas leaders have reportedly instructed their operatives holding hostages to shoot the captives if they believe Israeli forces are approaching.

This report sheds light on the intricate dynamics of hostage situations in Gaza, revealing Hamas' ruthless directives to its operatives. It comes in the aftermath of the IDF's daring daytime rescue mission, which, while successful in liberating four hostages, also exposed the grim reality of the threats faced by those still held captive.

While Israel uses ground-based sensors to map Hamas' extensive tunnel network, the US military has been using surveillance drones over Gaza since the October 7 attack. As reported by The Jewish Chronicle, at least six MQ-9 Reapers controlled by US Special Operations forces have been conducting missions to search for the hostages.

US drones use infrared radar which identify the heat signatures of people entering or leaving tunnel entrances on the surface. They also cover more area and can complete longer missions than Israeli drones.

It has been rumored that a small group of hostages is being held near Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, who is using them as human shields, complicating efforts to target him. Sinwar, who was initially hiding in the tunnels beneath Rafah, is now thought to be under Khan Younis, where a vast subterranean network exists.

After the successful rescue mission, it is likely that Hamas will move additional hostages into the tunnels, making them harder to reach by commando forces.


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No doubt they will use kids as human shields so that its supporters can cry PallyWeid buzzwords on campus or at ICC.
Gila 10.06.24

Israel-Gaza war, Rafah

Is the IDF's operation in Rafah coming to an end?

IDF Chief Says major progress has been made in destroying Hamas' Rafah Brigade. "We have a very high record in the Rafah battles, and I tell you, I appreciate that very much," Halevi said.

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IDF, Hostage update

After the IDF spokesman's announcement: This is the number of abductees who are not alive

Following the IDF spokesperson's announcement regarding the fall of IDF soldier Muhammad Elatrash in battle, who was defined as a captive, the number of captives identified as deceased has risen to 45.

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Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Hamas leaders preparing to leave Qatar - to where?

The National, an English language Emirati paper, reports that Hamas political leaders are planning to leave Qatar rather than yield to American pressure to agree to a hostage deal.

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Politics, Netanyahu, Hostage deal

Deal or no deal: backlash following Netanyahu's interview 

Netanyahu sparks controversy as he agrees to hostage deal but not a permanent pause in fighting. Such comments seem to go against the last ceasefire deal accepted by Israel, causing contradictions regarding Israel's exact goals for the war and its potential end. 

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Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

GRAPHIC: Video of hostages being taken on October 7

A Hamas video showing the kidnapping of Hersh Goldberg-Polin, Or Levy, and Eliya Cohen was released today with the families' permission.

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IDF Gaza airstrikes, Hamas 

IDF kills senior Hamas operative

A prominent Hamas leader who developed weapons for the terrorist group was killed in a drone strike in the Gaza Strip yesterday, the Israeli military claims.

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Israel-Gaza War

How many Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip?

The London-based Saudi paper al-Majalla reported that a surprising number of Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip entirely.

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Israel-Gaza War

Netanyahu: We will not end the war with Hamas until we return all the hostages - alive and dead

In a speech given to the Knesset, the Prime Minister said that he is committed to the Israeli proposal "which President Biden blessed."

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Israel-Gaza War

IDF Chief of Staff: We are very close to dismantling Hamas' Rafah brigade

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi was full of optimism during a situational assessment in the south yesterday.

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Israel-Gaza War, October 7

BREAKING: Victims of October 7 sue UNRWA in US Federal court for Hamas ties

Over a hundred victims of the October 7 massacre have filed suit against UNRWA for alleged ties and direct and indirect support for Hamas.

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Israel-Gaza War

The Pennsylvania IDF veteran who returned to fight Hamas in Gaza

IDF veteran Yitzhak Nadoff was visiting Israel away from his home in Pennsylvania when October 7 broke out. He then called his father and told him - I'm staying.

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Israel-Gaza War, Organ Donation, IDF

Against his parents' wishes, an organ from fallen IDF soldier was transplanted into an Arab girl

Organ donation controversy sparks heated debate in Israel.

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