Helicopter Crash in Iran

Unofficial reports of Raisi's death 

Rescue attempts were aborted due to bad weather conditions and the government will convene for an emergency session in Khamenei's office.

Ebrahim Raisi (Photo: Shutterstock)

According to the Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA): "unofficial sources are reporting the martyrdom of some of the Iranian president's companions in the crash area."

The Iranian media confirmed that it is highly likely that President Raisi died in an accident and that the search from the air was aborted due to heavy fog.

Earlier, a video was published of Raisi, the Iranian foreign minister and two senior officials from Azerbaijan who flew together in the president's personal helicopter before communication was cut off.

The Iranian government will convene for an emergency meeting in the office of the country's Supreme Leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

The Revolutionary Guards channel has raised a black flag for its television broadcasts as a signing of mourning for the fallen leader.


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Iran, Israel Hezbollah war 

Taliban to take 'joint action' against Israel

As a potential war with Hezbollah in Lebanon brews, Iran and the terror group the Taliban have announced their interest in becoming involved in a war against Israel.

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Anti-Israel, Pro-Hamas protests

"Appauling" Biden reacts to anti-Israel protest outside synagogue

After violence broke out yesterday when Pro-Palestinian protestors clashed with Pro-Israeli's just outside the Adas Torah synagogue in LA, US president Biden condemns the attack.

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Israel-Gaza War, Hostages

Hamas leaders preparing to leave Qatar - to where?

The National, an English language Emirati paper, reports that Hamas political leaders are planning to leave Qatar rather than yield to American pressure to agree to a hostage deal.

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Russia terror attack, synagogue

Horrific: the truth emerges over Russia's terror attack, Dagestan

Details uncovered regarding the coordinated attack on a synagogue and church in Dagestan, including the terrorists involved. 

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Red Sea, Shipping

CENTCOM: US Navy destroys three Houthi ship drones in Red Sea

Explosive ship drones such as the ones destroyed have been used to successfully attack merchant ships.

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Lebanon, Iran, Hezbollah, Beirut, Israel

Covert weapons cache discovered in Beirut airport 

Leaked reports reveal Hezbollah's alleged Iranian weapons cache at Beirut Airport.

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Red Sea, Shipping

Former NATO Supreme Commander: US operations in Red Sea "anemic and indecisive"

US Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, published a highly critical column on US policy in the Red Sea in Bloomberg, making his own recommendations for changing course.

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Iran, Syria

Report: Pro-Iranian militia attacks US base in eastern Syria with drone

This is the first such attack on American forces in the past five months, after a strike on a US base on the Jordan-Syrian border killed three American soldiers.

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Israeli Airstrikes, Hezbollah

IDF eliminates yet another Hezbollah commander in airstrike

The IDF has confirmed reports of assassinating Hezbollah Joya sector leader, Fadl Ibrahim, in targeted airstrike in Lebanon this morning.

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Canada, Iran

Canada to sanction IRGC as a terrorist group

The decision comes years after Donald Trump did the same for the United States, a decision maintained by President Biden.

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Hezbollah, Israel, Cyprus

Hezbollah threatens to attack Cyprus

Cyprus' ties to Israel have placed it in the line of fire against Hezbollah, terror leader Nasrallah warns.

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Israel Airstrikes, Syria

Israeli airstrikes reportedly kill Syrian official

Earlier this morning, the SANA news agency reported a Syrian military officer was killed by Israeli airstrikes. The update comes amid Israel's ongoing war against Hezbollah.

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