Israel-Gaza War, United States

Netanyahu disappointed Biden opposes sanctions on the Hague

The Prime Minister said in a soon to be published interview that he is disappointed with the Biden administration's decision not to pursue sanctions against the Hague.

Netanyahu and Biden. (Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he is "disappointed" in the Biden administration's decision to not impose sanctions on the Hague over the arrest warrants being filed against him and Defense Minister Gallant.

In an interview set to be published this Sunday in Politico, Netanyahu said that he thought a sanctions bill was bipartisan until a few days ago, and now that there's a question mark - he said he's surprised and disappointed.

Just a week ago, Anthony Blinken told the Senate that he is willing to work on an appropriate response to the Hague, but two days ago he changed his mind and said that the United States opposes imposing sanctions on the Hague."


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United Kingdom, Politics

New poll shows Reform overtaking Tories as second largest UK party

Things continue to look grimmer and grimmer for the long-established Conservative Party as elections are less than a month away.

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Red Sea, Houthis

Houthis strike ship with two cruise missiles, causing damage and seriously wounding sailor

Aircraft from the cruiser USS Philippine Sea evacuated the sailor for further medical treatment. 

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Israel-Gaza War, Politics

New war cabinet formed, without Smotrich or Ben Gvir

Following the departure of Gantz and Eizenkot from the government, a new war cabinet has been formed, comprised of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant, Strategic Affairs Minister Dermer, and Shas party chairman Deri.

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Israel-Gaza War, Politics

Amit Segal: Netanyahu ignores Ben Gvir, which is fine with Ben Gvir

Channel 12 reporter and political commentator Amit Segal says that Itamar Ben Gvir's attacks on Netanyahu are just for show.

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Israel-Gaza War, Polls

Comprehensive Palestinian poll: 73% support Hamas' decision to launch October 7

Meanwhile, just 32% of those polled in Judea and Samaria and in Gaza support a two-state solution.

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Ceasefire Deal, Gaza War

Hamas rejects Biden's proposal for hostage release and ceasefire

The newest ceasefire deal has effectively been rejected with Hamas refusal regarding hostage release and offer to 'alternate' the proposal according to their needs.

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Israel-Gaza War, United States

Blinken lands in Israel for an eighth diplomatic visit

The Secretary of State will meet with the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, President, and departing ministers Gantz and Eizenkot.

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Gaza-Israel War, Biden, Analysis

Biden's Middle East Challenges Deepen Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Hostage rescue and political turmoil in Israel complicate Biden's diplomatic and domestic strategies.

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Israel-Gaza War, Hostages, United States

NBC: US seeking to make separate deal with Hamas to free US hostages

The separate deal is reportedly meant to be conducted through Qatari intermediaries. Israel would not take part in the deal.

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Israel-Gaza War, Palestinian State

Smotrich: Gantz got everything he wanted - except this

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich addressed Benny Gantz's decision to leave the national emergency government, saying that there is nothing Gantz demanded that he didn't get - except a Palestinian state.

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Israel-Gaza War

Shas leader Deri to Gantz: Reconsider your decision - Israel above all

Following Benny Gantz's announcement that he and his party were leaving the national emergency government, Shas party leader Aryeh Deri called on him to reconsider for the good of the country.

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Israel-Gaza War, Politics

Netanyahu: My door is open to any Zionist party willing to share the burden

The Prime Minister made this offer minutes after Benny Gantz announced he and his party were leaving the national emergency government.

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