Russia terror attack, synagogue

Horrific: the truth emerges over Russia's terror attack, Dagestan

Details uncovered regarding the coordinated attack on a synagogue and church in Dagestan, including the terrorists involved. 

Russia terror attack victims (photo: Maxim Mitsun/shutterstock)

Sunday nights terror claimed the lives of 15 Russian police officers and 4 civilians in the synchronized attacks on synagogues and churches across Dagestan. The attacks, which occurred in Makhachkala and Derbent, led to the destruction of synagogues in both cities. Among those killed was Nikolai Kotelnikov, a Russian Orthodox priest. Thankfully, the Jewish community reported no injuries.

Gunmen also targeted a police checkpoint, resulting in fatalities among several officers in the North Caucasus region. The Counter-Terrorism Committee confirmed the elimination of five gunmen during the anti-terror operation, though Governor Sergei Melikov asserted that six terrorists had been neutralised. The exact number of assailants involved remains uncertain.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs verified gunfire at the synagogues but assured no harm to the Jewish community, as the synagogue was unoccupied during the attacks which took place shortly before evening prayers. Russia's Investigative Committee categorized the shootings as a terrorist act and have initiated an investigation.

In Derbent, the assailants also attacked two Orthodox churches. Among the attackers were the sons of the regional commander of the Sergoklinsky district in central Dagestan. Their father, head of the district has resigned and was subsequently arrested along with his sons.

The terrorists stormed the church and synagogue with rifles and molotov cocktails, targeting places of worship for Jews and Christians in multiple cities. Dagestan is a region known for its extremism holding a 80% Muslim majority population.

The governor of Dagestan declared it a day of tragedy for the region and the entire country. Independent verification of the exact number of gunmen and casualties remained elusive.


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