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NYT Editorial Board: Biden "embarrassing himself" and needs to step down

The New York Times published a second editorial calling for the President to drop out of the race.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: ArChe1993 /Shutterstock)

For the second time since his debate with Donald Trump, the New York Times editorial board published an article calling for President Biden to drop out of the race, entitled "The Democratic Party Must Speak the Plain Truth to the President."

In the article, the board notes that evidence has come to light showing that Biden and his staff clearly concede he is not up for the job of being President and running for reelection, given how often he needs rest.

The board said that Democrats at all levels need to tell Biden that he is not up for the job, that he will end up handing victory to Donald Trump, and that he is "no longer an effective spokesman for his own priorities."


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