I will not run again

Another council leader in Yosh announced: I will not run again

The head of the Kedumim Council Hananal Dorani announced that he will not run for another term after 16 years in office: "Thank you for the trust and the privilege to be a significant part of our great enterprise here"

(צילום: Hadas Prosh/Flash 90)

Another drama: the head of the Council of Ancients Hananal Dorani announced today (Thursday) that he will not run for another term, and will end his position after 16 years. In a message he sent to the residents, Dorani said that he would support Uzel Vetik, who is resigning from his position at the Ministry of the Interior to run for the presidency of the council.

"Dear residents of Kedumim, it's been over 15 years in which I've had your trust to stand at the head of our wonderful settlement and lead it to growth and prosperity," Dorni said in his message. We promoted Kedumim in a wide variety of topics."

"During the past few years, after a decade of freezing construction and planning, we are working vigorously on the development of about 3,000 new housing units in Kedumim and on the expansion of Highway 55 to four lanes," he added. "Now, when the ground is ripe for a breakthrough towards a promising future for thousands more families in Kedumim, I have decided not to run in the upcoming elections." In summing up his words, Dorani said goodbye to the residents: "It's time to say a big thank you for the trust and for the privilege of being a significant part of our great enterprise here - the building of Haaretz in Judea and Samaria."

The new candidate for the presidency of the council

At the same time, a veteran Ozal, who until now served as senior director of the Spokesperson, Communications and Information Department at the Ministry of the Interior, today announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Kedomim Council. As mentioned, Dorani announced his support and called on the residents to vote for him.

"After many years of public and business experience in the Ministry of the Interior, the army, the light rail in Jerusalem, local authorities and other bodies, I decided that the time was ripe to bring the knowledge and experience I had gained for the sake of our ancestors, for the development of my childhood landscape, for the residents and for our children," said a veteran. "I am moving from the national government to the local government and bring with me rich experience from my activities in government offices and in the private sector, as well as the extensive knowledge I have gained in the field of local authorities in general and the State Council in particular."

He also thanked Dorani: "Like all residents of Kedumim, I thank Hananal for 16 years in which he worked tirelessly for the settlement in a responsible and considerate manner while focusing on breakthroughs in long-term construction planning and development of the settlement. Hananal has many rights in Kedumim and all over Judea and Samaria and I am convinced that he will continue to contribute and help From his extensive experience and his many abilities for the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria in general and the ancients in particular."

"Kedumim is facing a construction boom, but also facing many challenges. Like everyone else, I also face traffic jams on the way to work and back home," he concluded. "From my experience in the field of transportation, I know that there are no magic solutions and that changing the route of Route 55 may take time. The complementary solution to reducing traffic jams is the development of businesses and work spaces close to home in Kedumim. The more we open the businesses in the settlement, the more we can develop places of employment, recreation, shopping, health and all What is needed is close to home. The residents of Kedumim deserve to expand, grow, grow, and get used to the good. I have many more plans that I intend to fulfill. Not through magic solutions, slogans or empty promises, but through hard work, creativity and vision."


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