Orna Barbivai Resigned from the Knesset

On the way to Tel Aviv: Orna Barbivai resigned from the Knesset

MK Orna Barbivai submitted her resignation to the Knesset Chairman, Amir Ohana, ahead of her bid for the Mayor of Tel Aviv. She stated, "I am committed to continuing to serve the public with the same dedication and determination that I have shown until today."

(Photo: Knesset Spokesperson)

Now it's official: MK Orna Barbivai submitted her resignation today (Sunday) to the Knesset Chairman, Amir Ohana, ahead of her bid for the Mayor of Tel Aviv in the upcoming October elections.

"I am leaving the Knesset today after about 5 years of political activity and running for the position of Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo," said Orna Barbivai. "The transition to the municipal arena at this time is of paramount importance to me, in order to preserve Tel Aviv as a liberal, free, and egalitarian city."

"I commit to continue serving the public with the same dedication and determination as I have done until today," she added. "I thank my colleagues in the Yesh Atid party for our shared work, and Chairman Yair Lapid for our joint efforts. Together, we will continue to strive for a Jewish and democratic Israel."

As a reminder, Yair Lapid, the chairman of Yesh Atid, made it clear to his party members a few months ago that he will not accept a situation in which a Knesset member serves as a mayoral candidate, and anyone intending to run for mayor must resign from the Knesset. The person who will replace Barbivai and serve as a Knesset member on behalf of Yesh Atid is Yaron Levi, the Deputy Mayor of Bat Yam and holder of the portfolio of beaches, sports, and youth in the municipality.


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