Lapid's Response to the Likud

Lapid responds to Likud: "A threatening letter was sent to the court"

Opposition leader Yair Lapid responded to Likud's announcement about the expected hearing at the High Court regarding the reduction of The Clause of Reasonability, and claimed that "the threat letter was clear: basic laws have never been rejected by the court, so don't even try to touch them now"

(Photo: Yonatan Shaul/Flash 90)

Opposition leader Yair Lapid responded last night (Tuesday) to the Likud's announcement regarding the expected hearing at the Supreme Court on the appeal against the law to reduce The Clause of Reasonability. In their statement, the Likud said, "The court has always made sure to respect the basic laws" and warned against "a severe blow to Israeli democracy." In his remarks, Lapid criticized the coalition for the call not to invalidate the basic law and argued that it is "a threatening letter sent to the Supreme Court."

"The hint was clear and violent: 'Basic laws,' said the Likud statement, 'have always been respected,'" wrote Lapid on Facebook. "The threatening letter sent to the Supreme Court was clear: Basic laws have never been invalidated by the court, as the statement clarified, so don't even try to touch them now. You are in our sights."

"But if we are already talking about basic laws, here is something else that needs to be known about them: Basic laws have always been respected, especially because the Knesset enacted them with great respect. The debate over them was serious, and it was clear to everyone that they are our constitutional sanctity. Drafting a basic law, or even amending one, was a process that took years. It always began with the government, underwent thorough discussions in committees, the opposition had a fair opportunity to raise its objections, and legal experts were part of the process. It was evident that these laws form the basis of our system of governance, and all Israeli governments treated them with caution and responsibility."

"Until they stopped. Just as Netanyahu and his gang are destroying everything that was once sacred to Israeli society – the people's army, social solidarity, denunciation of nepotism, and the fight against corruption – they have also begun to trample on our basic laws," he continued and criticized. "Whenever it suited them, they amended basic laws in a rushed and irresponsible process, without any regard for consequences or proper procedure. As soon as they finished mocking the process, they started shouting towards the Supreme Court, 'But it's a basic law! You are not allowed to touch the basic laws! You have never done that!' Yes, it's true, but no one ever enacted basic laws in such negligence, violence, and disrespect for democracy."

Lapid pointed out that "when they wanted to add deputy ministers in 2018, they amended the 'Basic Law: The Government' within 35 hours (!), just to secure a job for someone. A year later, when they wanted to form a privatized government, they changed the 'Basic Law: The Government' within two weeks, in an improper committee, with a committee chair who had never conducted such a discussion in his life. They placed the dramatic amendment that replaces the committee's judge selection panel on the Knesset's table without bothering to inform the Knesset members."

"The amendment they made last week to the 'Basic Law: The Judicature' (commonly known as the 'Probability Law') was introduced as a private member's bill by Simcha Rothman, so they wouldn't have to go through the professional factors required in a government bill," he added. "The absurd, reckless, and violent legislative process conducted by Rothman could be witnessed live from the Constitution Committee."

"The continuation was no better. The Prime Minister refused to see the Chief of Staff so that he wouldn't have to hear about the security implications before voting on the law. The government didn't even hold a single discussion – not one! – about the economic, security, or social implications of the legislation. How are we supposed to treat a basic law that the government is trying to change during the voting, while the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Justice are conducting a fierce argument over the Prime Minister's tired head, exactly when he was implanted with a pacemaker? This is not how you pass a basic law. In fact, this is not how any law should pass. Time after time, they make a mockery of the work, trample on the process, and then claim it's sacred and untouchable because 'it's a basic law!'"

In conclusion, Lapid addressed the coalition members: "You want the Supreme Court not to approach the basic laws? Enact them properly. Do your job. Treat yourselves with respect and the responsibility entrusted to you. If you don't take yourselves seriously, why should the Supreme Court or Israeli society treat you any differently?"


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