A Father Dehydrated and died at Yitav Stream

Tragedy at the Yitav Stream: a father dehydrated during a trip and died

The family that disappeared yesterday evening (Tuesday) was located by rescue forces. The family's father, who was severely dehydrated, passed away, and a military doctor had to confirm his death on-site

(Photo: Rescue Unit Megilot)

The family that disappeared in the Yitav Stream was located: the family's father passed away. Yesterday (Tuesday) from the evening hours (20:00), search efforts began for four family members from Jerusalem and Kiryat Sefer who lost their way during a trip in the Yitav Stream.

The family's grandfather felt unwell, and his son and grandsons tried to continue on to seek help. Later on, the father started feeling worse, and the 12 and 13-year-old children continued without him to seek help for both their father and grandfather. The 65-year-old grandfather was found in stable condition and rescued around 22:30. The children were located about an hour later in good condition and slightly dehydrated.

(Photo: Rescue Unit Megilot)

The family's father was found lifeless, apparently having been dehydrated for several hours before that. His death was confirmed on-site by a military doctor from Unit 669. His brother had passed away 24 years ago under similar circumstances in the Yehudia Stream.

This is the second incident in the Yitav Stream in the past week, and the rescue unit emphasizes the guidelines for a safe trip to the desert: ensuring sufficient water intake (5 liters per person per day), wearing proper hiking shoes, wearing a hat, long clothing, conducting early familiarity with the terrain, adjusting the route to the abilities of the travelers, and leaving notification of the trip's expected completion time with an external party.


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