New Guidelines in Ma'ale Adumim Following the Attack

Following the attack: Ma'ale Adumim will place magnetometers for Arab workers

At the end of the assessment of the situation they conducted, in the municipality of Ma'ale Adumim after the shooting attack, it was decided that in the near future Arab workers will not be able to enter Ma'ale Adumim with bags, and magnetometers will start operating throughout the city

The scene of last night's attack (Photo: Haim Goldberg, Flash 90)

Following the shooting attack that occurred yesterday (Tuesday) near the City Center Mall in Ma'ale Adumim, the Mayor, Benny Kashriel, held a special situation assessment at the municipality in the presence of urban security forces, the police, and IDF (Israel Defense Forces) personnel. It was decided that throughout the city, during summer activities, events, swimming pools, and camps, armed security personnel will be present to secure the children and youth. Additionally, the municipality will acquire metal detectors to be placed at every entrance to the city, and Arab workers will be prohibited from entering with bags, and they will only be allowed to enter with plastic bags.

After the situation assessment, Mayor Benny Kashriel said: "The situation assessment was conducted with all department managers and security personnel, including the police and Border Police. We examined whether they acted correctly during the event, and indeed, we can say that all bodies performed excellently. I want to especially mention Magen David Adom (MDA) and the police who simply saved lives with swift and sharp responses, and of course, the Border Police officer who neutralized the terrorist in a courageous operation. However, one of the conclusions arising from the situation assessment is the need to strengthen security measures by the police, ourselves, and the Border Police."

Benny Kashriel at the scene of the attack (Photo: Haim Goldberg, Flash 90)

"The magnetometers will help prevent similar incidents"

"I instructed the synagogue caretakers to install panic buttons, and business owners to carry firearms. Regarding employee access, I also instructed the treasuries and security to acquire metal detectors. At every entrance, throughout the city, and next week, the new terminal will be operational, checking employees entering the city in a more innovative and secure manner."

Kashriel described the details of the attack: "The terrorist initially entered the city's premises without the firearm, and therefore passed the inspection. After reporting to his handlers that he didn't feel well, he left the city's area and later returned independently with a firearm on his body." The mayor added, "The metal detectors that will be deployed in the coming days will help prevent similar incidents. Also, concerning bags, every Palestinian employee entering the city will not be allowed to bring a bag but will be permitted to carry a nylon bag for food transportation. Of course, the nylon bags will also be inspected."

As previously reported, in yesterday's attack, six people were injured, including a 41-year-old man in critical condition and five others in moderate and mild conditions. One of the injured is a 14-year-old boy. Paramedics from Magen David Adom provided them with medical treatment on-site and evacuated them to Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospital. The terrorist was neutralized by a Border Police officer who happened to be at the scene. Following the attack, entry of employees to the city was restricted, and starting tomorrow, the closure will be lifted, and the employees will return to work.


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