Amiram Levin's Criticism

Former Northern Command General: "Like what happened in Germany"

Former Major General Amiram Levin in an attack on the Netanyahu government: "The Prime Minister is committing the sin of hubris and has appointed criminals to key positions." Levin also drew a comparison between today and Nazi Germany: "It's painful and unpleasant"

Amiram Levin (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)

Former Major General Amiram Levin, Commander of the Northern Command, launched a strong attack this morning (Sunday) on the conduct of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government.

In an interview with Aryeh Golan on KAN Reshet Bet, Levin said: "The processes happening here resemble Nazi Germany." Regarding the readiness of pilots: "In times of emergency, they will be enlisted, but they won't fight to the death for a dictator. Netanyahu is committing hubris and appointing criminals to key positions, like Ben Gvir who should be behind bars and in shackles."

"What worries me is the disintegration of Israeli society, undermined by a criminal government that Bibi appointed, with ministers evading the IDF."

"In an emergency, people will not fight"

Levin referred to the readiness of the military: "The readiness of the IDF is very troubling, ranging from a situation where even pilots and fighters undergo only a few hours of training, and they'll have to fight under a dictatorship, to a situation where they might be less skilled and capable, but driven by motivation because they know they serve a democratic country with a clean government and unbiased considerations, that's the important way. Without proper motivation and commitment, readiness is irrelevant. In times of emergency, people will be enlisted, but they won't fight."

According to him, "There's a significant difference, people who fight to the death, they don't do it for a dictator. There's a breaking point, people don't believe that a state under a dictatorial rule will survive. And even if it does survive, the truly good people won't want to live in it, so we need to be much more concerned about the potential regime change and this corrupt group than just additional training. I'm sure that the commander of the Air Force is preparing an emergency plan to bring the pilots back to readiness."

"Criminals man the government positions"

At this point, Levin wanted to address the conduct of the Prime Minister: "Netanyahu sees everything and has always been sharp, but he's flustered by the verdict, and the many years of power have taken their toll. There hasn't been anyone who spent so much time in power without succumbing to the sin of hubris, surrounding himself with sycophants instead of serious individuals who would provide him with the true picture and listen to them. He's obstinate, a messianic group exploited his weakness, extremist settlers, people who don't know what democracy is."

He also said: "For 56 years, there's been no democracy in the West Bank, only absolute apartheid. The IDF, against its will, has to rule there, it's rotting from within, standing on the side, looking at the unruly settlers and starting to become a partner in war crimes. These are deep processes, we are corrupting the IDF and Israeli society."

"Unfortunately and horribly, Netanyahu failed here. There were elections, but the Prime Minister appoints and dismisses ministers, places criminals in key positions, and they evade the IDF, which in a regulated country would have them behind bars and in shackles. These individuals are managing the government, Ben Gvir should have been behind bars and in shackles."

Ben Gvir and Netanyahu (Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash 90)

Processes of Nazi Germany

Continuing on his remarks about the government's conduct, the interviewer mentioned Yair Golan's comments about identifying processes. Levin was asked if what is happening here serves as a reminder of those days in other countries' history. "Certainly, one by one," answered Levin and continued, "It's difficult to say, but that's the truth. There are streets where Arabs are not allowed to visit, that's exactly what happened in that dark country."

Aryeh Golan: "Are you talking about Nazi Germany?"

"Definitely, it's painful and unpleasant, but that's the reality. It's better to confront this reality, as difficult as it may be, than to ignore it."


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