The Security System's Consideration

Report: The heads of the security system are considering giving information to the public

The Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi, the head of the Mossad David Barnea, and the head of the General Security Service Ronen Bar are considering issuing a public statement to the public regarding the security situation amid the threats of the refusal to serve in the army - as reported this morning (Sunday) on Channel 12 News. This is part of the efforts by senior security officials to mitigate the potential impact on military readiness

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)

According to the report, if the heads of the security establishment decide to issue such statements, they will be published later this month, and they will not be in a joint statement - but rather in coordination among all the senior officials. Halevi, Barnea, and Bar are already coordinating between themselves today, primarily in actions that each one takes within their respective organizations in an effort to halt the crisis - which affects not only the IDF but also both organizations.

It was further reported that if the initiative is carried out, it will not be with the approval of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The consideration of the three senior officials comes in light of their refusal to convene the security-diplomatic cabinet and provide ministers with information regarding the IDF's readiness. This follows a discussion that took place last week, during which Netanyahu rejected the ministers' request for an update on the situation, claiming that "things leak."

During the recent discussions held by the senior officials of the security establishment, they emphasized that the responsibility for mitigating the crisis rests with the Prime Minister. As the situation continues to worsen, the Chief of Staff and the heads of the intelligence agencies are considering, as mentioned, going public and updating the Israeli public themselves. According to the report, one of the main objectives is to do so before the Air Force resumes training, as that is when the crisis will likely manifest on the ground.


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