Shooting Attack in Har Hevron

Shooting attack in Har Hevron: 40-year-old woman was murdered; A 35-year-old man was seriously injured

Shooting attack in southern Har Hevron, at the Kvasim Junction near Beit Hagai. Apparently, shots were fired at an Israeli vehicle. A couple in their thirties were injured. The woman died from her injuries, and the husband was seriously wounded.

(Archive, photo: Haim Goldberg/Flash90)

Terrorism continues to rampage. A murderous shooting attack occurred at the Kvasim Junction in the southern Hebron Hills, near Beit Hagai and the Judea territorial brigade. Apparently, assailants opened fire towards an Israeli vehicle, injuring a couple who were sitting in the car.

The husband is 35 years old, and the wife is 40 years old. After attempts at resuscitation at the scene, the woman's death was confirmed. The husband is in serious condition and is being evacuated to Soroka Medical Center.

Emergency medical technician from Magen David Adom, Moshe Barsheshet, recounted: "The man and woman were near the car when they were found unconscious and suffering from gunshot wounds. With the collaboration of medical forces from the IDF, we provided them with medical treatment that included stopping bleeding. The man, who was severely injured, was evacuated by a military intensive care ambulance to Soroka Hospital, and the woman is being treated at the scene in a critical condition and unconscious state."

The seriously injured individual was rushed to Soroka Medical Center in critical condition.

Following the attack, the entrances to Kiryat Arba settlement were closed, and there is a closure from Beit Hagai Junction to the north, Ma'ale Hever Junction to the north, and from Bnei Naim to the south.

It's worth mentioning that on Saturday, Shai and Aviad Nigarkar were murdered in Hawara village while waiting for their car to be washed.


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