Ben Gvir Refers to the Violance in the Arab Sector

Ben Gvir: "The violence in the Arab sector is an existential danger"

After five people were murdered in the Arab society in recent days, the Minister of National Security refers to the violence in the Arab sector and says: "This is an existential danger to the State of Israel"

Ben Gvir today (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, Flash 90)

After the murder last night of a young Arab resident of Lakiya and the murder yesterday (Tuesday) of four residents of Abu Snan, the Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, addresses the violence in the Arab sector and says: "Turning a blind eye and postponing the decision at this time implies a risk to the State of Israel."

The minister began his remarks by directly addressing the recent events, writing: "Good morning, after several tough days of assassinations and killings among criminal factions in the Arab sector, it is necessary to emphasize what I have been warning about during my first months in office: In the Arab sector, massive criminal organizations operate, holding armed militias with thousands of soldiers working under their command, a hierarchical structure, and in the past two years, hundreds of thousands of weapons in the sector, millions of bullets, explosive devices, grenade launchers, extensive military equipment, and a huge budget."

The violence in the Arab sector threatens the entire Israeli society

"These are terrorist organizations, no less," the minister wrote, "which at the moment are directing the assassinations inward towards the Arab sector and rival factions. However, based on the warnings I am receiving, in a situation of widespread confrontation, these militias will turn their fire against the State of Israel. This reality is a result of neglect for many years and ignoring the warning signs. It is an existential threat to the State of Israel that should not be taken lightly. The assassinations now are just a prelude to what might happen, heaven forbid, if we don't address this with full determination and resources."

"Since taking office, I have focused the police on combating these organizations. In recent weeks, funds have been allocated, salaries have been increased, the trend of resignations in the police has been halted, and we are in the process of an impressive recruitment drive. There have been many achievements by the police, more apprehensions, more weapon seizures. However, the truth must be told: the Israeli police, especially with its current limited capacity, must receive additional resources and authorities," emphasized Ben Gvir.

The scene of the murder in Abu Snan (photo: MDA spokesmen)

"As I stated a few months ago," continued the minister, "until we manage to deploy the reserves and establish the National Guard, we must incorporate the General Security Service into all murder investigations. The security threat posed by these incidents is a national concern, and steps such as allocating a budget for recruiting thousands of new officers and establishing a National Guard intended to address this specific threat, alongside enhanced intelligence capabilities, are important steps that can potentially change the equation in the long run. However, all these are forward-looking steps for the future."

Minister Ben Gvir: "It's a balloon that is exploding"

"Until the National Guard is established," the minister continued, "we are facing a daily threat from armed militias operating with impunity within the borders of the State of Israel. This is an emergency situation that requires the use of all tools available, including the full involvement of the Shabak in the war against criminal organizations, along with administrative arrests of their leaders," the minister added. He also recounted that just a few months ago, the police submitted a list of six wanted individuals for whom they requested administrative arrests, but the request was rejected by the government's legal advisor. Since then, five out of the six (!) have been involved and suspected in the murder cases."

The minister concluded his statement by saying: "I call upon all relevant authorities to take responsibility in the face of the looming threat, and to instruct the Shabak to fully engage in operations against criminal militias, alongside a legal solution for the administrative arrests of militia commanders. There's a balloon here that has been inflated for 30 years, that if we just invest budgets without addressing the root of the criminality and without strengthening the police, everything will be fine. And now the balloon is exploding."

The legal adviser to the government, Gali Baharav-Miara, rejected the request for administrative arrests (Photo: Natan Weil, Government Press Office)

"The rival gangs are fighting among themselves over who will receive those enormous budgets invested in the Arab society. These organizations are killing each other to seize budgets, and most of the money doesn't go to benefit the Arab citizens of Israel, but to criminal organizations. Any disregard and postponement of action now implies a risk to the State of Israel."


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