Netanyahu: "This is a State Emergency"

Netanyahu: We will eliminate the Arab criminal organizations

Against the backdrop of the wave of murders in the Arab sector, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says, "The government of Israel is determined to fight organized crime in the Arab community. It is a state-level crisis."

(Photo: Bentzi Rubin, Srugim)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the wave of murders in the Arab sector at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting. The crisis has even reached members of city councils, such as the CEO of Tira Municipality and candidates for municipal positions in Abu Snan.

(Video: Bentzi Rubin)

"Firstly, I want to send wishes for a speedy recovery to the Arab citizens of Israel who were injured in yesterday's attack in Kfar Kana. The government of Israel is determined to combat the criminal organizations in the Arab society. This is a state emergency.

"I want to remind you that there was another state emergency – criminal organizations within the Jewish society, in the Jewish public. It took us years. Do you remember those organizations? With all the well-known names? We eradicated most of them through determined and systematic action over time. We eradicated most of the organized crime within the Jewish society. This is how we intend to act in the Arab society as well.

"We believe that all Israeli citizens, Jews and non-Jews, Jews and Arabs, deserve to live in security, certainly not under the regime of terror and intimidation that many of our Arab citizens live under today.

"We will take strong measures, including considering the use of restrictions and administrative detentions, to curb these horrific acts of murder. This fight will not be easy, but I am confident that with joint efforts, we will succeed in combating this phenomenon and undoubtedly reduce it to the dimensions we brought to the Jewish society.

"I appeal to the leaders of the Arab public, I appeal to the members of Knesset, to the heads of authorities, and to the opinion leaders, and I say to them – stand together with the government in a joint effort against criminal organizations."

(Video: Bentzi Rubin)

"I also heard the words of Hamas senior figure Arouri, from his hiding place in Lebanon. He is well aware of why he and his associates are in hiding.

"In Hamas and in its backers in Iran, they understand very well that we will fight by all means against their attempts to generate terror against us – in Judea and Samaria, in Gaza, and anywhere else. Anyone who tries to harm us, anyone who funds, organizes, or initiates terror against Israel – will pay the full price.

"I also want to congratulate Israel's artistic gymnastics team on winning the gold medal and becoming world champions in Spain. I want to tell them that they have brought immense pride to all of us.

"I also want to address the citizens of Israel – we are facing waves of terror, both from within and from outside. These are not easy days; they are challenging days. We need to unite forces against terror, against crime in the Arab society, against external and internal threats that Iran, through its proxies, is orchestrating. By standing together, we can overcome. This is my call to all members of the government, to Knesset members, and to all citizens of Israel."


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