Zamir is Returning to Tel Aviv

Asaf Zamir's surprising decision: "returning to Tel Aviv"

Asaf Zamir has decided to accept Ron Huldai's proposal to run together in the local elections in Tel Aviv and to serve as Deputy Mayor if Huldai is elected for a sixth term

Asaf Zamir (Photo: Ofer Hajayov)

Former Minister Asaf Zamir announces that he is joining the incumbent Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, and will run together with him in the upcoming local elections.

"I wanted to update that I am returning to public life, coming back to Tel Aviv, and running with Ron Huldai. A few weeks ago, I returned to the country. Anyone who asked me if I would run for the position of Mayor while I'm home now received a negative response. I hadn't considered participating in the elections."

"If five years ago, I ran in the streets to convince people that change is necessary and that we need to replace, what is happening now in the country makes me feel that in the stronghold of centrist liberalism in Israel, the last thing needed at the moment is internal conflicts."

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash 90)

"And then Ron Huldai contacted me for a meeting and proposed that we run together, combining our strengths and sharing leadership – side by side, with me filling his position. Along with members of the Tel Aviv 1 faction and 'Rov HaIr.' This is a unity of forces that I believe is needed more than ever now. I feel that we are in a period where everyone who can contribute and have an impact in the public arena must do so. And I love our city with all my heart, that hasn't changed even a bit. In fact, in Israel of 2023, I love Tel Aviv more than ever before."

According to several reports, in Huldai's last term (2027-2028), he is expected to retire from his position and pass on the city's management to Zamir, thus designating him as his successor in the leadership of Tel Aviv.


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