Supreme Court Freezing The Dismissal

The Supreme Court froze Karhi and Amsalem's decision

The Supreme Court issued an interim order freezing the dismissal of the chairman of the post office, after Ministers Karhi and Amsalem announced the termination of the chairman's position on the grounds that he is not performing his duties properly, Another hearing will be held in the coming months

Post office (Photo: Nati Shohat, Flash90.)

Last month the Minister of Communications Dr. Shlomo Karhi and the Minister of Regional Cooperation Dodi Amsalem - who is in charge of the Companies Authority, fired the chairman of the Post Office, Mishael Vaknin, from his position, after they claimed that he was not performing his duties properly. This morning the Supreme Court issued an interim order according to which the dismissals are frozen as well as a conditional order according to which the burden shifts to the ministers to convince why their decision will not be reversed. The next discussion should be held in the coming months.

Last month, as mentioned, the two dismissed the incumbent chairman of the post office, In a mutual announcement they stated that "the joint decision came after many and thorough discussions and is based on the position of the professionals in the Ministry of Communications who found many deficiencies in the chairman's performance, among other things, around the issue of public service and the development of growth engines at the postal company".

The Minister of Communications, Dr. Shlomo Karhi, said: "Unfortunately, despite objective data that is not implied on both sides, and weighty claims regarding the failure to perform the role of the chairman of the board properly, both in neglecting the service to the public and in not outlining a policy for the company regarding business development and the development of growth engines in the areas which are at the core of its activity, the outgoing chairman of the board chose, through his friends in the media, to turn the bowl upside down and roll over the ministers and the professionals with unfounded and baseless claims. The good of the public, which groaned under a promiscuous and irresponsible policy, stood before our eyes all along the way, and it tipped the scales."

The Minister for Regional Cooperation, Dudi Amsalem, said: "Unfortunately, we have found that the current chairman is not fit to continue in his position. We are confident that after an orderly procedure, we will know how to find a worthy and excellent chairman who will know how to march the Israel Post Company into a much better future."


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