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Gantz: "If there is a solution that preserves democracy - I will be there"

Chairman of the state camp Benny Gantz: "The president sees the outline as a basis for progress towards agreements. If there is a solution on the table that preserves democracy - I will be there, no matter what Netanyahu's reasons are."

Gantz at Reichman University (Screenshot)

Former Defense Minister MK Benny Gantz spoke today (Monday) at the annual conference of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism Policy (ICT) at Reichman University, and in his words referred to the upcoming discussion at the High Court and the possibility of reaching agreements with the coalition.

"It is permissible to criticize the court and its rulings, but whoever does not respect the court's decisions will not only bring us a constitutional crisis - he will negate the legitimacy of the government to make decisions. I announce that I will accept any decision of the court, whatever it may be, on any issue. I call on the Prime Minister to announce that no matter what the High Court ruling is, he will respect it and follow it. Ambiguity is dangerous."

Gali Baharav-Miara, Netanyahu and Levin, Esther Hayut. (Photo by Yonatan Zindel, Flash90.)

Regarding the possibility of reaching an agreement on the legal legislation, Gantz said: "In recent days, the president of the country advanced an outline that I saw as a basis for progress towards broad agreements that would preserve democracy, the principle of non-politicization, and also - would also allow the other side to change, because in the end Surrender Day will exact a heavy price from us. My willingness exists even today - Netanyahu will have to prove a proven intention, and the ability to stand behind his proposals, or other proposals that he accepts. I don't care what Netanyahu's motive is - a meeting with Biden or fear of the High Court or an understanding of The national challenge before us. If there is a solution on the table that will preserve democracy - I will be there. If he returns to the "payment system" and continues with the legislation - he will make a mistake, which will only lead to the worsening of the crisis."

"The discourse on the Saudi nuclear issue that needs to be examined responsibly"

The former defense minister also referred to the progress in the talks with Saudi Arabia, and the implications for the State of Israel

Gantz: "The agreement taking shape with Saudi Arabia also includes a great opportunity in dealing with terrorism. It could be a peak in the regional architecture that we started building a long time ago - also vis-a-vis the Iranian axis. An agreement that will strengthen the moderate elements in Judea and Samaria, will weaken the terrorist organizations in Israel, Gaza and Lebanon , will be good for Israel. I hear about someone talking about "concessions to the Palestinians". I suggest we all wait and see the outline, and only then have an opinion on whether these are concessions or steps that actually protect Israel's security and national needs."

"The same goes for the discourse on the Saudi nuclear issue, which needs to be examined responsibly and in closed rooms with the security officials. I am disturbed by the process. The fact that Israel has become a partner to an observer, and the fact that there are extremist elements in the government that could torpedo the agreement. I say clearly, if an agreement is put forward that will serve the broad nationalist's interests of the State of Israel, the National Unity faction will support him. No political consideration will prevail over the strategic interest of the State of Israel"

Netanyahu and the leader of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman (Photo: Flash90, Shutterstock.)

He also added: "Israel is under a multi-aspect attack, involving Iran, which operates throughout the world, in Ukraine and the Middle East, which finances Hezbollah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad, which seeks to create a circle of terror that surrounds Israel. In this context, an offensive policy must be implemented. Action must be taken Kinetic and in a direct way against Iran and its proxies in the region, and beyond, in a way that will damage the terrorist infrastructure, and strengthen deterrence. This while understanding and being prepared for the implications of these actions."


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