Local Elections

Bat Yam: the religious Zionism unites with the ultra-Orthodox

The list that represents religious Zionism in the city of Bat Yam will unite together with representatives of the Torah Flag, into one party that will compete in the local elections: "Only together can we bring about real change"

Avraham Hakek and Yehonatan Elharar (Photo: Party Spokesperson)

Just before the submission of the lists, there was drama in the city of Bat Yam: the religious Zionist list, led by Avraham Hakek, united with the Torah Flag list, led by Yehonatan Elharar. The lists will run in one unified list led by Avraham Hakek.

Today (Thursday) the parties signed a joint running agreement. The candidates were present at the signing ceremony: List chairman Avraham Hakek and Yehonatan Elharar. Also present at the ceremony were Rabbi David Chai HaCohen and Rabbi Moshe Gabbai, who expressed their support for the united list.

Rabbi David Chai HaCohen and Rabbi Moshe Gabbai with the candidates (Photo: Party Spokesperson)

Avraham Hakek, the candidate on behalf of the United List, said: "For many days, we worked to bring about good and important connections and unions that will give the public we represent the most strength for the elections in the city. This unity will enable joint work and increase strong results on the ground. We do not compromise on the good of the religious community in Bat Yam, and we will work with full vigor to promote the issues that are at the top of the list of priorities. I welcome the union that we have brought with the belief that only together we can bring about real change, in my estimation the union is an opening for further unions that will be in the future and will add a serious strength for the residents of the city."

Yehonatan Elharar, the candidate on behalf of the Torah Flag Social Front, said: "This connection was needed, the public in the city wants to accept a different politics, a politics that knows how to respect the other parties, give a real answer to the citizens, and be a listening ear for every resident. I am sure that the united list will bring good news with it to the residents of Bat Yam".


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