Gedaliah Fast

Times of entry and exit of the Gedaliah Fast 2023 and the laws

Gedaliah Fast 2023. When does the fast begin? When does the fast end? Who must fast and who is exempt? What is prohibited in fasting and what is permitted? What does a person do who forgets to say 'Anenu' in prayer? Is it permissible to brush one's teeth?

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Gedaliah fast 2023

The beginning of the fast - 4:55

The end of the fast - 19:19

The fasts and their laws

One must fast on the 17th of Tammuz, the 3rd of Tashri, and the 10th of Tevet. And these fasts are not permissible.

On the Sabbath before the 17th of Tammuz and the 10th of Tevet, the Sephardi usually announce the fast in the synagogue.

Pregnant or lactating women (two years after giving birth) do not have to fast if it is difficult for them. And in any case, you will not eat delicacies, but what they need.

In these fasts, the fast starts at dawn, and ends when the stars come out.

A person who wants to eat or drink before the start of the fast (before dawn), should say with his mouth that he intends to get up at night to eat. And those who forget to condition, cannot eat or drink.

Do not brush your teeth or wash your mouth while fasting, and do not chew gum.

There is no prohibition except for eating and drinking, but washing, polishing the lock of the sandal, and using the bed are not prohibited during Lent (except Tisha B'av and Yom Kippur). But still, a tortured person will not practice refinements on his own (Rambam).

Lent prayer

It is necessary to say "Anenu" in the prayer already in the evening prayer, even if the fast has not started. The Ashkenazim used not to say Anenu in the evening prayer, and at dawn, the cantor only says it in the repetition of the Shatz.

According to the "Beit Yosef", the Sephardim used to complete a hundred blessings during Lent by placing a tallit and tefillin in a Mincha prayer.

He who is not fasting, will not be a public emissary and will not rise to the Torah.

Since there is no fear of drunkenness during Lent, the priests bless the priestly blessing in the mincha prayer. The Ashkenazim abroad used not to bless the priest's blessing except in the "Musaf" of Yom Tov, but in Israel, it is necessary to bless both in the morning prayer of each day and in the mincha prayer of the fast (except Yom Kippur).


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