"Normalization Talks Continue"

The US clarifies: "Normalization talks continue"

The US State Department has issued a clarification statement emphasizing that efforts towards normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia are ongoing, and that the talks have not ceased

(Photos: Art Morathkan, Ron Adar/Shutterstock)

The US State Department has issued a clarification statement in light of the recent reports regarding a Saudi request to halt normalization talks with Israel. The statement emphasizes that the talks and efforts are continuing.

The US State Department has issued a special statement in response to recent reports suggesting that Saudi Arabia has halted normalization talks with Israel and the United States. In the statement, the State Department confirmed that the talks are ongoing and emphasized the US commitment to advancing Israel's regional integration, including through active diplomacy aimed at Israeli-Saudi normalization.

Additionally, the Americans emphasized in their statement that there is no truth to reports of a cessation of contacts and stated, "The talks are ongoing, and we look forward to further discussions with both parties."

The announcement also comes in the context of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to the United States and his expected meeting with President Biden, during which sources anticipate that the two will discuss the topic of normalization between the countries.


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