Hili Tropper

Tropper calls the protestors: "Stop polluting the discourse"

MK Hili Tropper responded to the criticism from the protestors of the condemnations of the violence against Rabbi Levinstein, and clarified that "I share the demand from the coalition members to stop polluting the discourse and tearing the people apart, but I try to apply this demand to myself first."

Hili Tropper (Photo: Avshalom Sassoni, flash90.)

After the severe attack on Rabbi Yigal Levinstein last night in Tel Aviv, MK Hili Trooper responded today (Wednesday) to the criticism from the protestors of the condemnations of the violent conduct.

"There are coalition members raining endless rivers of hatred on us. The power, just in the last 24 hours, of Amsalem, Vaturi, Har-Melech and Eliyahu, is unimaginable. How much poison" Tropper said in a post he wrote on Facebook. "But they are not my yardstick. The poison distributors against LGBT people, Arabs, leftists, and reservists are not my point of reference. I fight in their way and I hope they too will take stock of themselves at the end of a terrible year and the sad place they too have brought the State of Israel to."

"It is also clear to me that there is no symmetry. The ultimate responsibility always rests on an elected government and expressions of hatred by members of the Knesset and ministers are more serious than their actual duties, but I would like to hope that our standards are not determined according to the latest shouters in the coalition. My mental account does not depend on their mental account."

Tropper clarified that "the eve of Yom Kippur is a time to examine myself and my surroundings. To examine, for example, how hatred erupted in some of the protest districts. It is amazing time and time again to see how sensitive our censors are to inappropriate words from the opposing political camp, and how dull and heavy-handed they are when it comes to similar statements From the environment to which we belong politically."

According to him, "Those who remain silent in the face of acts of hatred that come from their camp lose their ability to argue against hatred when it is directed in their direction. After all, then as mentioned, it becomes clear that one who remains silent does not have a problem with hatred except when it is directed at him. And this is no longer a moral position but just a calculation political".

"As far as I'm concerned, hate is hate is hate, and no matter where it comes from, we all have to stand up to it," Tropper said. "Even if we feel very righteous in the struggle, those who are confident in their path and act fairly should also check themselves. If there are displays of hatred in the camp closest to us - we must stand up to them without reckoning. We must stop the instinct to automatically crowd ranks."

"The demand that we not disapprove or criticize anyone who protests against the government because now we have to put up a united front at any cost, takes away the legitimacy of asserting the condemnation of the coalition members when they join ranks and remain silent in the face of acts of hatred coming from their friends," he clarified. "How can we demand that they apply to themselves, what we do not apply to ourselves?!".

He also stated that "saying "But Bibi" or "But Dudi Amsalem" or "But Tally Gotliv" is neither leadership nor responsibility. They are not my yardstick. Anyone who compares himself to the language of Amsalem, Vaturi, Karhi, or Eliyahu to feel comfortable with himself - Let him enjoy it. We are not facing extremism and hatred for Netanyahu or anyone else, but for our truth, so that we can look at ourselves in the mirror, for the belief in the rightness of the way, so that we can stay and live here together."

"Of course, the hateful events do not characterize the crowds that come out in recent months to protest. The protest mainly shows intense love for the country and love for the brothers who disagree with them, but for these gloomy events to be left on the sidelines - we have to stand up to them and push them back to the sidelines."

"By the way, those who are still harmed by the hate shows are the masses in protest that this is neither their language nor their way, and against their will they are identified with something contrary to their perception, not to which they are educated and not in this way they act. I try to make their voice heard" Tropper concluded. "Yes, I oppose the government and fight against it. And yes, I share the demand from the coalition members to stop polluting the discourse and tearing the people apart, but I try to apply this demand to myself first. Hoping for a better year."


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