Ben Gvir Gives In

After the harsh criticism: Ben-Gvir gives in

After the harsh criticism and in light of the transition of the prayer of the left to the Bima Square, Ben-Gvir gives in and announces that his protest prayer in Dizengoff Square will not take place

Ben-Gvir (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)

In light of the leaders of the left-wing protest announcing that they will not arrive to protest against him, Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir gives in and announces that the protest prayer planned for tomorrow (Thursday) in Dizengoff Square will not take place.

As mentioned, Minister Ben-Gvir announced the cancellation of the prayer and wrote in a statement on his behalf: "In light of the announcement by the extreme left-wing protest leaders that they will no longer repeat the anti-Semitic activity they carried out on Yom Kippur, where they expelled Jewish worshipers from the public space and moved their protest from the place intended for prayer, I have decided to cancel the prayer tomorrow.

"I am glad that the extreme left has understood that there is no more room for anti-Semitism against Jews in the heart of Tel Aviv. We have one Jewish state where Jews will always be able to pray in public spaces, at any time they want, and anywhere. And if necessary, I will come to clarify this."

It should be noted that many members of the coalition, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, turned to Ben-Gvir in a demand to cancel the planned provocation and not to hold the protest prayer.

As was reported after announcing that they would organize a prayer event for the peace of the country and democracy at Dizengoff Square, today (Wednesday), the protest headquarters decided to move the event to HaBima Square.

To avoid an incident with Ben-Gvir: the left-wing protest will be held at the Bima square

According to the organizers, the announcement came after a conversation with residents of the area, during which they did not receive answers regarding how to prevent the dangerous provocation by Minister Ben-Gvir. According to them, the event will take place starting at 18:30 and has been approved by the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality.

From the organizers, it was conveyed: "In days when the Prime Minister and his ministers are trying to flood public discourse with poison and hatred, we stand by the residents in their struggle and choose not to be dragged after extreme provocateurs."

The disruption of the prayer on Yom Kippur at Dizengoff Square (Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90)

According to them: "Tomorrow, we will hold an event of hope and tolerance, with no separation and no partitions, religious and secular alike. The attempts of zealots and extremists will not succeed in tearing apart Israel. We invite the general public, women and men, LGBTQ+ and straight individuals, from all religious backgrounds, to attend the event for the sake of the integrity of democracy and the State of Israel."


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