Mansour Abbas Strongly Criticizes

Mansour Abbas: "Ben-Gvir is in a completely different world"

Leader of the Ra'am party, Member of Knesset Mansour Abbas, strongly criticized the government's handling of the events following the incident in Basmat Tab'un. In an interview, he said, "We are warning and demanding that the Prime Minister take responsibility and remove the minister from his position"

(Photo: Yair Amar, Srugim)

Following the massacre today (Wednesday) in Basmat Tab'un, in which five people were murdered, Ra'am party leader and Knesset member Mansour Abbas arrived at the scene of the attack. In an interview with Srugim, he expressed deep concern about the government's handling of the situation and the minister responsible for the security of residents.

(Video: Yair Amar, Srugim)

To remove Minister Ben-Gvir from his position

Abbas talks about his feelings after the massacre: "We are in a disaster and trauma; we can't believe that we are constantly going from bad to worse. The government abandons us." According to him, "For months on end, we've been warning and demanding that the Prime Minister take responsibility and replace the minister from his position so that someone can come who can strengthen law enforcement and not weaken it, so we can deal with crime and violence in Arab society. But we can't influence the Prime Minister and the appointed minister who is completely elsewhere."

He further added: "We are suffering, and behind us is this wretched family, five people, a mother, a son, two cousins, all from one family, five people. Where will we end up? When will this government wake up and realize that it has abandoned the security of Israeli citizens? There's no governance, no law, no order. Why are they waiting? What needs to happen for this government to understand that it needs to change direction? This cannot continue."

Mansour Abbas on the murder in Basmat Tivon

What steps should be taken?

"There are many steps; we have written to the Prime Minister in an organized manner. He knows what needs to be done. The police also know, but the whole system is not functioning now, the government is not focused correctly on this issue. There are not the proper resources, there is mistrust in the Minister of National Security. He is not functioning and does not allow the police to function optimally, and therefore, in the end, we are paying the price," he said.

Would you consider entering the government for the purpose of managing crime in Arab society?

"I once said that I am ready to take responsibility for managing the fight against crime and to use all the appropriate tools in this area. People are being murdered here, and we cannot allow criminal organizations to take control of our lives. This is absolute lawlessness."


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