Religious Zionism Against Huldai

Religious Zionism against Huldai: "acts in a hypocritical and predatory manner"

Religious Zionism reacted to the cancellation of the permit of "Rosh Yehudi" to hold events in Sukkot and attacked Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai: "Trying to cast votes on the backs of the tens of thousands of residents who respect the tradition of Israel"

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90)

In the religious Zionist community, there was a response this evening (Thursday) to the decision of the Tel Aviv Municipality to revoke the permits granted to the "Rosh Yehudi" association for holding events in public spaces during the Sukkot holiday. This decision came after the controversy surrounding the Yom Kippur prayer held in Dizengoff Square earlier this week. In their remarks, they criticized Mayor Ron Huldai and accused him of undermining the Jewish tradition.

"Ron Huldai, who is plummeting in the elections, is trying to gain votes on the backs of tens of thousands of religious, traditional, and secular residents who respect the Jewish tradition and live in Tel Aviv," the party said. "In the name of pluralism, he acts in a totalitarian, deceitful, oppressive, silencing, and hypocritical manner. But at the end of the day, truth, decency, and the majority will prevail over insanity and falsehood. We strengthen the heads and activists of 'Rosh Yehudi.' Keep spreading light and love, and it will conquer darkness and hatred."

As mentioned, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality announced this evening the cancellation of the permits granted to the "Rosh Yehudi" association for holding events in public spaces during the Sukkot holiday. The permit revocation letter was issued to the association following a hearing held in connection with the violation of the terms of the permit granted to it for Yom Kippur prayers at Dizengoff Square. The violation involved setting up a stage without proper authorization and the use of physical means for gender segregation, contrary to the municipality's policy.

The municipality argued that "the violations of the usage permit were severe, particularly the violation regarding the prohibition of gender segregation using physical means, contrary to the municipality's decision and even in opposition to the Supreme Court's ruling that was issued before the event's date. 'Rosh Yehudi's' event on Yom Kippur at Dizengoff Square transformed from a prayer event to a divisive event, emphasizing differences and a significant disruption of public order that almost escalated into a mass confrontation."


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